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Crop circle in the sea

A new type of puffer fish that was discovered off the coast of Katetsu village in Amami Oshima in 2011.
Amami Hoshizora Fugu is suitable for observation because it is at a relatively shallow water depth of around 10 m.

Japanese name: Amami Hoshizorafugu

Scientific name Torquigener albomaculosus 

It was discovered in 2011 off the coast of Katetsu Village on Amami Oshima.

It was registered as a new species in 2014.

In 2015, it was selected as the "Top 10 new species in the world" in 2015 by the State University of New York and International Species Research Institute.

Although the body length is about 15 cm, a diver who saw this intricate spawning nest that males build on the seabed in an intricate diameter of 2 meters radiating pattern have come to call them crop circles.

When the spawning bed (circle) is completed, females are accepted to lay eggs and breed. The breeding period is from mid-March to July. The depth of water that spawns is 10m to 30m.

Amami Hoshizorafugu, which can be seen off the coast of Katetsu, is suitable for observation because the water depth is relatively shallow, around 10 m, more and more divers and photo enthusiasts are coming from all over the country who love watching fish.

Characteristics of Amami Hoshi Zorafu

The male size of Amami Hoshizora Fugu digging a groove is about 12 cm.

The completed crop circle. Diameter about 2m

At the moment of spawning, the male bites the female cheek. Spawning time is about 3 seconds

Cute form

They work hard to build their nest.

It looks like this when viewed from above. A strange pattern.

MisteryCircle Tour

Set period April-August
Venue Yui port
Duration 2 boat diving about 4 hours
Fee 2 boat diving 16,000 yen (excluding tax)
Conditions of participation Holder of diving license card The first dive will take you to a site of Amami Hoshizorafugu, and the second dive will take you to a recommended dive site.
Precautions Completion of the Amami Hoshi Zorafugu circle is 2-3 days a month. You can see the Amami Hoshizorafugu on days other than those when they are completed, but please contact us before booking so we can advise you on the best days to see them in advance.The circle is the spawning bed of Amami Hoshizorafugu. Please follow the rules and observe them from a remote location where they will not be disturbed.
Reservation Please call by 6:00 p.m. in the evening of the day before.  TEL0997-72-4969  *Please note that a cancellation fee will be charged in case of sudden cancellation.
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