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Recommended restaurant

Here are some delicious gourmet spots near Koniya.

Store name Type comment phone number
Kamitaka Local cuisine Tori Namba, fried from Kibinago, recommended for today, delicious. If you want to go nuts, try the pork cutlet set meal with a great volume. 0997-72-1919
Bonito shop Tomato pork cutlet 0997-72-4991
Thousands Izakaya 0997-72-5666
Willow skewers Morishin Yakitori restaurant
TORI Yakitori restaurant
Meat Bar Rib Meat dishes and sake 0997-76-3970
Coming and going Izakaya 0997-72-0716
Ricky Izakaya 0997-72-2398
Season Izakaya 0997-72-0031
Sake Izakaya 0997-72-5011
Yorokobuya Izakaya 090-9329-6439
JUCE Live, restaurant 0997-72-4814
Shochiku Izakaya
Tasuke Izakaya 0997-72-2765
Dragon Yakiniku, hormone grilled 0997-72-5080
Nakamuraya Grilled meat 0997-72-3822
Banmeshiya Pocchi Restaurant 090-9096-1375
Dim Sum Apuya Chinese 0997-72-3732
Dim Sum Apuya Chinese 0997-72-3732
Miki Izakaya A popular izakaya bar for Shimachu Chugo. There is also island cuisine in the standard izakaya menu. Chatting with the master is also interesting. 0997-72-1308
Sakaiya Chinese cuisine A Chinese set meal for a gutsy school. 0997-72-5080
Naniwa Shokudo Champon fried rice Yakisoba, champon, and fried rice are delicious 0997-72-0367
Bashan leaf Restaurant There are large set meals 0997-72-1558
Joyful family restaurant Open 24 hours, many people without meals usually have breakfast here. 0997-72-5300
Maruya Restaurant Local restaurant 0997-72-3057
Western restaurant Recto Western restaurant 0997-73-1355
Setouchi Umi Station The restaurant A restaurant with a sea view near Koniya Port 0997-72-4633
820-3 Kunetsu, Setouchi Town, Oshima District, Kagoshima