Diving shop diving around Amami Oshima and Kakeroma Island

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Before booking

Because we've come all this way. It's a dive we've been looking forward to.
There are people who feel sick, but they push themselves to do it.
This trip isn't the only Diving and snorkeling experience you have in your life. .
It is a courageous decision not to overdo it.
It may also bother other guests.
If you feel uneasy, stop the activity.
If you feel unwell, don't force yourself to do anything.
If you feel tired or frightened while diving, stop immediately.

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We will refuse activities in this store if the following applies :

  • Those who are still hungover or under the influence of alcohol
  • Those who have a cold, fatigue, fever or headache
  • Those who have been injured
  • Those who are in physical pain and need help from others
  • Those who are deemed to be unwell
  • Those who need a doctor's consent form but have not submitted it
  • Those who are diving more than once a day and who have been instructed to stop decompression
  • Those who are deemed to be a nuisance to other guests.
  • Verbal abuse or failure to observe social etiquette.

PADI medical history/medical certificate

Cancellation fee

Please contact us as soon as possible to change or cancel your reservation. In case of cancellation due to customer's convenience, a cancellation fee will be charged for any reason such as poor physical condition

100% on the appointed day
70% on the day before
50% 2 to 5 days prior to the appointed day
50% 2 to 5 days prior to the appointed day

※No cancellation fee will be charged in case of inclement weather, typhoons or transportation cancellations etc.

Playing in Nature

Nature is what makes it fun.
Don't touch anything from the ocean. Does not damage corals. Don't break it.
You may unknowingly kick with a fin.
Be as careful as you can.

In recent years, the number of people taking underwater photos has increased due to the spread of digital cameras.
Please stop shooting while getting on or holding onto the coral.

Medical history/Medical certificate

*If there is a corresponding item, you will need a medical certificate from a doctor.

  1. You are currently or may be pregnant.
  2. Currently taking prescription medications (excluding contraceptives and malaria prophylaxis).
  3. If you are 45 years or older, apply one or more of the following
    • Smoking pipes, cigars and cigarettes
    • High cholesterol levels
    • You have a family history of heart attack or stroke
    • Currently undergoing medical treatment.
    • Have high blood pressure.
    • You are diabetic although you adjust your diet.
  4. Have you had, or are you currently having, any of the following diseases:
    • If you have, or have had, asthma (asthma), asthma when breathing (at most), or wheezing when exercising.
    • There is severe or frequent seizures of hay fever or allergic symptoms.
  5. Often has colds, sinusitis, or bronchitis.
  6. If you have, or have had Asthma, or asthma on breathing (wheezing), or wheezing during exercise.
  7. Have or have had any other lung disease. Alternatively, you may have undergone lung (chest) surgery.
  8. If you have or have had behavioral problems, or have mental or psychological problems (anxiety attacks, claustrophobia, agoraphobia, etc.).
  9. Taking medications to prevent or reduce epilepsy, seizures, convulsions.
  10. Taking medication to prevent or reduce recurrent complex migraine headaches. Have lost consciousness or fainted. (Complete or temporary loss of consciousness).
  11. Has frequent motion sickness. Or have severe motion sickness (ex, seasickness or car sickness).
  12. Treatment is required for dysentery or dehydration.
  13. Have or have had some kind of diving accident or decompression sickness.
  14. unable to perform moderate physical activity (eg unable to walk a distance of approximately 1.6 km within 12 minutes).
  15. Over the past five years, there has been an unconscious head injury. Repeated back pain.
  16. You have surgery on your lower back or spine.
  17. Have or have had diabetes.
  18. Surgery on the lower back, arms, legs, sequelae after trauma or fracture.
  19. Have hypertension or are or have been taking blood pressure control medications, such as blood pressure lowering drugs.
  20. Had or had a heart disease.
  21. Have or have had a heart attack.
  22. Have undergone angina or cardiac surgery or arterial surgery.
  23. You have surgery on your sinuses.
  24. If you are suffering from an ear disease or surgery, or if you have a hearing loss or balance deficits.
  25. Has or has had repeated ear diseases.
  26. Had or had bleeding or other blood disorders.
  27. Have a hernia, or have had a history of hernia.
  28. Have an ulcer or surgery for an ulcer.
  29. Having undergone surgery for a colostomy of the large intestine or ileum.
  30. Have used narcotics for entertainment, used narcotics for treatment, or had alcohol dependence in the last five years.

PADI medical history/medical certificate (PDF file for copy printing)
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