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Recommended inn

This is an introduction of the inn where guests often stay.

Inn Address Fee Phone
Sunflower City Hotel Koniya Matsue 5-9 5800 yen without meals 0997-72-0350
Rivest in Amami Koniya Matsue 10-21 8,000 yen discount for online reservations 0997-72-0815
Business Hotel Plaza Setouchi Koniya Ominato, Setouchi Town 5,000 yen with breakfast 0997-72-1970
THE SCENE Sokaru, Setouchi Town 21,600円~ 0997-72-0111
Pension/Guest house
Yori Yori Kunetsu, Setouchi Town No meals 4800 yen 0997-72-5035
Neps Dive Resort Katetsu352 6800 yen 0997-72-2393
Minshuku Umi Koniya Sekui 5000 yen 0997-72-5111
Uminchu Style Amami Katetsu Half board for 2 people-8,800 yen 0997-76-3010
Utopia Seisui, Setouchi Town 6,500 yen 0997-72-5235
Relaxing inn "OKAGESAMA" 916-3 Seisui, Setouchi Town 0997-72-1098
Pension Hala 470 Tean, Setouchi Town 7,000円~ 0997-72-1615
Miyamae Koniya miyamae, Setouchi Town 2,500yen 090-4752-1069
Pension sorai Sokaru, Setouchi Town 0997-72-3336
Guest House
Tanpopoya 18-6 Koniya Funatsu, Setouchi Town 3,500円 per person 0997-72-0226
Kanmore 17-15, Konie Matsue, Setouchi Town 3,500yen per person 090-9488-4365
Rise current 3-1 Koniya Kasuga, Setouchi Town 3,800yen 0997-72-0644
Showa-so 24-1 Koniya miyamae, Setouchi Town 0997-72-2006

The prices shown have been confirmed but may have changed unexpectedly. Please be sure to check the consumption tax and charges at your accommodation. If you would like to send your luggage, please send it a week in advance. (Luggage may arrive due to typhoon etc.)

820-3 Kunetsu, Setouchi Town, Oshima District, Kagoshima