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Recommended Diving Sites

The sea in the southern part of Amami Oshima is protected by a rias coast, and the Oshima Strait is not easily affected by wind and waves, and the underwater landscape is a treasure trove of various creatures such as terrain, sandy land, coral reefs, and mudlands at the back of the bay.

In addition, the dive sites facing the open ocean are very clear and the terrain is dynamic. At "Kohoro", we want the best for everyone, and we try our best to accommodate everyone's requests with "Safety First".
Our priority is to make diving "fun" for everyone!

Kakeroma Island Area

Name of sites depth comment
Ankyaba west arch 5〜20m As you swim along the wall of the reef, you will find an arch that allows one person to pass by. The turmeric honeybee famous for its shining shells is hidden in the arch . Sometimes you can even meet the White Tip Shark in the arch . Occasionally, you may see white tip sharks in the arch.You can also see a group of Akakukuri and barracuda
Ankyaba crepas 5〜15m The site where divers can enjoy coral and maze in one dive.The depth is very shallow, so you can dive at a leisurely pace. Occasionally a group of batfish swim around divers.You can also see Yashahaze and Hirena ganelin bow in relatively shallow water at depths of about 15m!
Ankyaba east 5〜15m This is the place for coral watching. You can see various types of corals and abundant types of fish that live there . You can watch 5 types of anemone fish, and the clownfish nemo here is also very popular.
Kuse 5〜30m This is a good place to look for big fish. Swim around a large rock protruding from the water depth of 30 m. The drop-off that falls from 5m to 30m in depth is a very pleasant word. Let's enjoy Kakeromajima Blue while tasting the world of weightlessness! If you get hit, you'll find bluefin tuna, spotted ray and napoleon.Kasumiyo butterflies and red sea bream swarm along the wall.
Nominoura 5〜25m There is a big rock on the sandy soil at a depth of 20m. Around it, you can see a group of swallowfishes and a group of Akakukuri all year round. It is also very popular with macro fans as it allows you to see fellow Joefish and Nishiki Furuida . You can enjoy taking pictures without any current.
Kakeroma marine lake 0〜25m Amami Oshima's proud mangrove ! Even though it is small in the Oshima Strait, it is scattered here and there. Among them, this site is one of the most profound! There are also rare species such as Nishiki Teguri, the Oiran goby, the Kesho goby and the Nuudate goby!Recently, a mimic octopus, famous for its mimic octopus, has appeared. Recommended for people who like weird things.
Little garden 5〜20m A kindergarten for baby damselfish, butterflyfish and cute fish . The sea is colorful with red goby and frogfish friends, and a group of gurukun ☆
FURUSATO 5〜25m The white sandy land continues. Beautiful eel anemones bloom in the sandy area, and Odorika Kurebi are cleaning the area. You may see some unusual and rare creatures here.
Saneku 5〜30m Large rocks will appear off the coast as you proceed along the reef edge. There is a large flock of Murrehatatedaidai ! In addition, there is an arch under the rocks, and you can see the spiny dragonfly with a high probability. There are also a group of sardine daisies, and a group of Akakucri.
Derikyonma 3〜20m The table coral, which is larger than the diver, is powerful. The large Ryukyu Kika coral is crowded with a group of goldfish.

Oshima Kaikyo main island area

Name of sites depth comment
yamato hama 0〜25m You will be amazed by the large swarm of black sharks! When the number is high, nearly 100 of them swim around the diver. The large community of Toge Sugimidori is also a highlight. Around the coral are rare roots such as the eagle butterflies and chilimen otters. In addition, you can see a large group of red-eye goby, frogfish, and red snapper.
Kunezu mandarine 0〜20m As the name suggests, it is a point to aim at Nishikitegur, but it is also a treasure trove of rare creatures. We accept requests for the third one. From June to October, Nishikitegur spawns in the evening.
silk 0〜30m The point of soft mud in Kunetsu Bay. A variety of gobies can be found including the Eiran goby, the black cave goby, the cave goby, the striped cave goby, the Tanzaku goby, a species of the Tanzaku goby, and the Beyonce goby etc.Haze watching in the mud. In shallow areas, you can see the western red-headed reef fish, frogfish, snappers, butterfly fish, etc.
Katetsu Oasis 5〜16m A site that represents the southern part of Amami. Large and small rocks are scattered on the pure white sand.A lot of fish school up on every rock and entertain the divers who visit. Tongarisa sharks appear around July every year ! It's also a site that is often requested.
Kurosaki West-East 5〜25m Since there is a tidal current, we enter the site when the tide stops. The characteristics of this point are rare fish. The fish we've seen so far are Akebono Goby, Yanode Tate Goby, Scallop Tsuno Goby, Okinawa Coral Red Sea Bream and Pygmy Sea Horse and many more. There's no wonder whatever you see here...
Seisui 5〜25m This is the place to see the goby, such as Yashahaze and the cave goby! A lot of symbiotic goby inhabits the sandy land from the depth of 17m. Be especially careful with fin kicks on sand. In the middle of the ocean you will also see a group of Tenguhagimodoki and a group of glucun. You can also see Ribbon Eels, foxtail moray eels, and Foxgloves.
Kaitsuzaki 5〜30m A place that is famous nationwide as an area where you can catch big fish by rock fishing . There are some spots around Minazuzaki, but you can't take your eyes off because you may get a big fish at each spot.  Great Bluefin Tuna, Tsum Buri, Amberjack, Ara, Napoleon... You can also see Pygmy Seahorses, Snappers, and Yellowfin Seabasses here.
Tida hall
(triangular shrimp hole)
5〜17m There is a tunnel formed by overlapping cracks on the reef. If you want to take pictures of the tunnel, this is the place to go! The light coming through the cracks shines like the aurora, and it's very beautiful. Please make a request on a sunny day. The water is shallow, so you can enjoy the terrain at a leisure.
Kudadon Pond 0〜25m A mysterious point. There is a large cave as you proceed along the reef edge. After the cave, you'll come to a pond on land! That's right! The land pond and the sea are connected .
Yellow wall
(kudadon・hidden root)
5〜25m There are a lot of yellow sea cucumbers on the rocks off the coast. This is a really mysterious spot because big fish sometimes appear.
Angel road 5〜15m There are many coral reefs off the desert island. There is a sandy beach that only appears at low tide. Let's land if the timing meets. You can see the rare eagle butterflyfish underwater . (The pattern is a must-see for Hanshin fans!?)
Shirahama Beach I & II 0〜30m Beach with Toilet and shower facilities. Since there is almost no current, it's a great place to improve your skills, take underwater photos and refresh your mind.There are many kinds of fish, such as Nishiteguri and Nipponteguri, which have been found, and there are many fish that can be seen only in the bay.

Expedition area

Name of sites depth comment
Amami hall 5〜35m Amami's representative terrain site! There are large and small tunnels and arches on the rock protruding from the depth of 40 m to the surface of the water. the arch in the main hall is one of the most amazing thing! It depends on the weather, but it's definitely a point to visit on a sunny day. You won't get tired of fish watching, from big to small!
Sand view 5〜25m The point of outstanding transparency. Clear water on pure white sand. ... You might forget that you are in the sea. Here you can also see the herd of Akianago (Garden Eel)!
Hitotsuse 5〜35m A rock protruding from the depth of tens of meters to the surface of the water is outstanding! In summer, schools of Kibinago come and migratory fish also come to catch them.The drama of the predators and prey is always going on here.
Kamese 5〜25m This is the same exciting point as Ichitose. The tide is so fast that it's hard to get in though…The most memorable moment here was when we saw a group of horse mackerel, a group of turtles, an Eagle Ray, a Napoleon, and Tuna at the same time.. I wonder when we'll see them again? Super drop-off is also powerful!
Myouse 10〜35m It's the site near Kamese. The fish and atmosphere are similar to Kamese. We mainly use drift diving here. The terrain is also interesting.
Kiyamajima Hall 5〜30m Go through the cracks in the reef and pass through several tunnels . Large halls are scattered among them. Lucky to see the white-necked horse mackerel and white chips resting in the hole. We often go in by drift diving.
Grandblue 5〜25m A point on Yoroshima. The depth is 5m, and the dive site drops gently. It's so transparent that it's bright no matter how far you go. Small-nosed red snapper, blue-necked snapper, white-necked pearlfish, western blue-lipped eel, yellow-tailed oysterfish, Kasumi Butterflyfish ...
Eniya Oasis 1 5〜15m A point in front of the desert island. There is a big root on the sandy bottom of 10m, and groups of lingcod fish and striped angelfish gather here.The water is shallow, so let's play leisurely.
Eniya Oasis Ⅱ 10〜30m There are large rocks at depths of 30m and 25m, and many fish flock to them . A group of Tenghagimodoki, Korodai, Akakukuri, Amberjack, Red-faced moray eel, White-necked snapper, Red-faced snapper, Red-faced snapper, Futaiuro-nagoi, Keramahanadai, etc.
Yubanare Rock 5〜30m The name doesn't really matter. Lol Rocks are scattered in the depression of the reef, and there are big lobsters in the gap! Do not catch it! You can also see red mullet, sawed sea bream, a group of red-eyed squirrels, black-necked horse mackerel, and blue crab.
Akase 5〜25m The point to dive around a large rock protruding from the water depth of 40m. There are often bearded moray eels near the anchoring place. The rocks are cracked and the terrain is interesting. Tsumbri, Roninji, Napoleon, Pygmy seahorse, etc.
Kose 5〜20m This point is located near Akase and the depth is relatively shallow. There is also a rare trout shark here . In addition, black-spotted horse mackerel, black-spotted horse mackerel, blue-spotted mackerel, black-billed butterflyfish, etc.
Asone 10〜25m Dive around a large rock with a depth of about 15 m. Here, goldfish Hanadai and pine damselfish are flocking in a large group. There are also many large migratory fish. It is hard to dive because the tide is fast. Recommended for those with physical strength!
Yoro Black Tonnel 10〜35m As you proceed through the black tunnel, you'll find a large hole. A large group of red pine trees and a group of lobsters appear inside. If you pass through the tunnel, you can expect big things such as horse mackerel and napoleon fish. Please note that the tide sometimes flows faster.
Oze 0〜30m Dive in three hidden roots. The number of fish is overwhelming. The wall of the fish can be in front of you! No matter what comes out, it is a point of great expectation. Please note that the tide sometimes flows faster.
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